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Sirkel cafe between love and philosophy in a cup of Robusta

Yoki, the young man with a fat body posture, is the person behind the sirkel cafe. Visiting kepahiang is certainly something new that has never been seen before. Many interesting stories and gave birth to laughter that spilled in our discussion all the way from the city of Bengkulu to Kepahiang. Starting from the story of how a new customer ordered Vietnamese drip and up to a story that we think is worthy of being used as a stand up comedy menu.

Previously there were several coffee shops that opened in kepahiang such as black white and meet ups. But the circuit, why do I have to fall in love for one more time after I ordered coffee at a barista concoction in the cold city of Kepahiang at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. I have never found anything amazing that I can match with a coffee shop at least in the city of Bengkulu. A display that stole my heart to stop by and taste the results of a barista’s steeping hand while asking something and the barista told me a little, too far from what I expected.

I always often acted nosy like ordering steeping Arabica-Robusta with a certain percentage dose. And they managed to make me disappointed because what I imagined they could not realize. For a modern coffee shop class with a retro concept, a circel is something for me. Later we talk about whether steeping somewhat feels watery or maybe less than perfect to be called heavy body. But, at least cafe circels can meet 70 to 80% of customer expectations.

Friends always give me the nickname “the legend od two brew”, crash. Ordering a cup of brewed coffee made from various origins of coffee is my habit of how I find the sensation of coffee full of prestige. The mischievous gaze from the corner of the next table sometimes makes me disturbed and wants to immediately throw a variety of questions from simple to formulas that make their brains boil 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But this is east fella, and their privacy is absolutely.

From their eyebrows I could guess that they stole a glance at my glass which according to their law might be old-fashioned and tacky. A couple who maybe they were enjoying the first date, did not dare to sip a glass of coffee latte just for fear of ruining a tulip painting or a heart painting that was formed very beautifully by a long-haired barista and wearing glasses with a minus eye. A handsome young man at the table to my right was staring at a small cup of espresso. While I was listening to the classical music accompanied by a coffee brew-style home kitchen.

If only they knew that I was also able to order a cup of coffee latte at once with a red eye they would definitely apologize for thinking badly of the legend of two brew.

At the cafe cafe, a coffee shop located right in the heart of the capital city of Kepahiang district. I found something that I had not previously found for my proud menu “brewed coffee”. Here, any music that accompanies it will still be combined nicely. Reminiscent of the millions of romance in various touches of the aroma of robusta coffee, arabica and liberika such as harmony that makes the soul that is getting tired, as if you will never be afraid to meet old age. Because to me old is just a matter of counting numbers. But passion, spirit will not be bound by the size of the numbers.

At the sirkel cafe, you and I will see the future and the land of hope so realistic.

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