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Price of Robusta premium coffee and the philosophy of the land of the gods


Do you know how much Robusta premium bengkulu coffee has a high taste with a cupping score above 8?
The price of Robusta premium coffee which is loved by coffee fans and highly recommended for coffee hollic in the world from an altitude of 800 masl is very cheap. Between Rp.35,000 up to Rp. 45,000 per kilogram of green beans ready for roasting. For coffee shop owners, the price offered is certainly not too surprising. Because the price is comparable to the delicious taste of caramel and sugar brown and very rich spices, it will make the coffee connoisseurs of your warung subscription always hope to return to enjoy a glass of coffee or a coffee latte that has a moderate bitter character, tends to sweetness , strong body and high accuracy (very rare for Robusta coffee).

The traditional farmers from the province of Bengkulu are now familiar with a variety of coffee processing processes. Not only natural processes, but some coffee processors have processed types of processed coffee, wet coffee process and so on. They have learned from various sources and sought various information about changes in consumption of various processed coffee from various parts of the world through the internet. Various coffee communities ranging from farmers, processors, roasters, baristas continue to carry out various experimental processes. The goal is not just to follow the market trend of the needs of processed coffee types, but they are trying to find their own way. According to them, that there are no fixed rules about coffee. “We follow the existing road, we find a way or we have to create our own road …”.

So far the world only knows that Arabica coffee is the master of coffee. Arabica specialties from Gayo, Flores or Wamena are at the top of the world coffee court. A person’s prestige is that they enjoy a cup of coffee in a coffee shoap by ordering Gayo concoctions either espresso or late. But it turns out to be true what was dreamed by the coffee processors. That they will create their own destiny and path. So today the price of Robusta coffee (Finest Robusta) is able to sit parallel to Arabica. At least, today we may be amazed at Robusta coffee from Bengkulu province whose price of coffee beans per kilo even reaches Rp. 75,000 from the price of the local processor. A glorious achievement of the good destiny that God bestows from nature.

Unfortunately there is still a little good news about this fragrant smell coming out of the region or into the world. Even though the fragrance of steeping robusta from the province of Bengkulu is capable of giving birth to a million new spirits in every touch. Local coffee processors have continued to grow almost every day for the past five years. Starting from traditional preparations that have special flavors and aromas, to the touch of modern roasting machine technology. So that the special taste is more specific and reinforces that “this is bengkulu, robusta is the masterpiece”.
Everyone hopes that the destiny of Robusta Bengkulu coffee is the best destiny but it will bring the world of all time. So that every steeping from the beautiful hands of the bengkulu baristas, so that every drop that falls into the white glass, becomes the most obligatory prayer for the welfare of coffee farmers in Bengkulu province. Rejang tribe girls, serawai tribal girls and Javanese and Sundanese girls who serve Robusta coffee brewed with a touch of loving hands, are able to maintain the holy spirit of Bumei Sehasen Taneak Bediwo.

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