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“Drink coffee as much as you want, pay your sincerity” became the tagline of the event that was held by the coffee activist community that was spread in various big cities in Indonesia.

August 17, 2019 located at TIC (tourist information center) district. Kepahiang was the initial moment of a sincere coffee event held by Kepahiang regional coffee activists with the same tagline. “Drink as much coffee as you want pay for your sincerity”, which was initiated by the coffee house (Aan), the bencoolen coffee and Kepahiang coffee (R.Najamudin). which also received support from Redjang coffee as a coffee product brand that first existed in the market of Bengkulu province under the auspices of CV. Naqsa Golden Exosite. Wangkite Coffee (Harmoko mustovo), GreatFine and Exoca (Eka Susiani), RedPearlbeans, Lethong, Wongkoffie, Muaro Bukit Siwiga, Padek Coffee (Ninik DJ) and Shahibul Coffee.
The positive side that will continue to be carried out by this community is how to connect various community members in cities and other regions to have a common perception for the image of Indonesian coffee departing from the region. That coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts willingly offer coffee at prices that are not fixed as in the conventional buying and selling system.
“We do not sell coffee, but sell prestige”.
Coffee is the most democratic beverage, coffee can be drunk by various classes of people from ordinary people to intellectuals and aristocrats. But coffee also has a different side, now coffee is a lifestyle. so it is very natural that the term “the price of your coffee determines your caste and strata”. Even though this quirky term is just a joke, or other similar sentences “your coffee defines your personal side”. Actually the joke above is not intended to make social barriers, but rather a form of appreciation for coffee as a whole. Who is the farmer, roastery, barista and all those involved in it until a cup of late or esspreso is served with luxury at the table.

When someone smells the aroma of warm coffee, he will see overall how nature is processed by farmers, how their sweat becomes a part that makes coffee fragrant, how the sweet hands and fingers of Indonesian tough women abort red cherries from branches to bamboo baskets to sort. . So the price paid for a glass of coffee is our self-esteem for how much we value others.

When the coffee begins to enter the oral cavity area and smears all the senses of taste, the coffee connoisseurs will see how the results of the efforts of farmers and tough women cherry coffee picker results must be treated very carefully by the roastery. Control time, temperature, and everything so that the quality of coffee is maintained well.

When the coffee becomes a mascot of togetherness, we will see how the baristas have done the final task of coffee travel from farmers to coffee lovers in a way that is amazing and full of impressions that combine between simplicity and happiness.

The sincere coffee motto is the right motto how we respect farmers not with a standard price limit. That every coffee connoisseur is free to appreciate the efforts of coffee farmers with an unlimited amount. “The higher the price you pay, the higher your personality will be.”

As a form of appreciation from the regional head for the sincere coffee event in Kepahiang Regency, it was a moment of coffee brewing conducted by the Regent of Kepahiang District. Hidayatullah with his wife in the coffee house bar accompanied by the bencoolen coffee barista Aan and owner Wangkite Harmoko mustovo. He is very skilled at brewing coffee with V16 technique and uses premium Robusta coffee in Batu bandung village which is roasting medium profile.

Future plans for this event will be held quarterly starting from August 17, 2019 yesterday. (MYB)

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